IT Security Consulting & Implementation

Whether it is following a security assessment or as part of your company’s global security goals, Zensly offers a variety of security experience in preventive, detective, and corrective services to ensure the data that matters most is better-protected and that measures are implemented to help prevent potential security breaches. Whether responding to a data security incident, developing compliant policies or assisting in the development of a comprehensive security strategy, Area-Wide has the experience and the personnel to deliver robust solutions to companies of all sizes.

Included among the array of security consulting services offered by Zensly are:

  • Policy creation and implementation: Whether such efforts take place following a security audit, at a regularly-scheduled time each year, or in response to the identification of an urgent security need, the knowledge and expertise of Zensly’s security solutions team will ensure each and every one of your needs is met in a timely fashion using industry-accepted best practices, as well as the kind of discretion and confidentiality you’d expect from a professional firm like Area-Wide.
  • Post-audit implementation: Specific deployment of security measures based on the results of your organization’s most recent security assessment.

Features & Benefits:

  • Various security solutions including Firewall, Quarantine/Antivirus management, spam mail security and UTM (Unified Threat Monitoring)
  • Analyze the current security environment, consult with the customer, and install the best plan.
  • Our professional local engineers will take full responsibility and take care of the unique issues in Russia (pirated software, malware countermeasures).
Security Consulting


  • Information Secuirty
  • Compliance
  • Consulting
  • Security Consulting
  • HIPAA Compliance

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