Cyber Forensics & Crime Investigations

Employees are, more often than not, the cause of data leakages from an organization. One major problem for organizations that have fallen victim to such an incident is that it’s very difficult to find out who is behind the data leak/ theft. Even if they suspect a specific employee, they don’t understand how to extract the evidence required proving this.

This is specifically where we can be of help to you; we specialize in all forms of cyber forensics, may it be machine/media forensics, email forensics, mobile forensics or network forensics. We can help you extract data from your systems to determine who is the culprit behind the data theft, what data has been leaked and what evidence trails can help you link the two together.

E-Discovery, Computer Forensics, Investigations & Incidence Response:

Zensly professionals have for many years provided computer forensic laboratory and investigation services to law enforcement agencies, the legal profession, the banking sector, and clients from the commercial sector. We work very closely with our clients, often under extremely secret conditions & we have a proven track record of recovering vital evidence which could not have been found using conventional techniques. Our experts are fully qualified to be called upon to provide expert testimony in circumstances which require an objective and an independent opinion on complex technical issues.

If you need to investigate computer data then zensly’s experienced specialists are ready to help

We Can:

  • Provide Advice as to how to initiate an investigation
  • Provide Advice on the best methods of obtaining & securing the evidence
  • Also undertake “on-site visits” to secure data either overtly or covertly using the latest forensically approved imaging tools & techniques
  • Investigate the data obtained/imaged from the computer to the lowest level of bits and bytes on a disk, and recover lost, deleted, hidden files and fragments of files the user thought were long gone.
  • Provide Technical Reports and Statements
All work will be done as per internationally approved forensic techniques and appropriate notes will be maintained to ensure the chain of custody.

Services Offered

  • Computer forensics including forensic analysis of all file systems
  • Establishment of computer forensic labs
  • Email investigations - tracking of malicious / threatening e-mail senders
  • Creation of incident response teams (IRT)
  • Forensic bit stream imaging of various digital storage devices
  • Training in detection and analysis of digital evidence
  • Intellectual property theft investigations/ Source code theft investigations
  • Onsite search & acquisition of digital/electronic evidence and custody
  • Filtration and consolidation of data including emails and files
  • Law Firm consultations including defense strategies
  • Corporate investigations
  • Expert witness service,
  • Computer security, hacker tracking and in-house protection
  • Computer Forensic Audits
  • Cyber Crime Investigation & Fraud Investigations
To understand your requirements fully please contact us for a friendly introduction
Cyber Forensics


  • Security Audits
  • Penetration Testing
  • GAP Analyis
  • Security Consulting
  • Web Security Audits

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