Data Protection


Data and Information are most important, critical and sensitive asset of any organization. Protection of data from its leakage is the main purpose of security in any organization. Protection of Data within the organization is the biggest problem nowadays. Development in new technologies like mobile, social media and cloud has been added more threat to the problem. In industry they use the deployment of DLP (Data Loss Prevention or Data Leakage Prevention) and Risk Management (IRM/DRM/ERM) platforms IDE (Information/Digital/Enterprise) to handle the challenges more easily but in fact it’s not as easy as it looks like.

Why Zensly for Data Protection:

Zensly has a very strong technical background, with a vast pool of skilled manpower having specialization in all the domains they are dealing with.

Zensly provides an ample of services that works across the Data protection lifecycle. We use to work on a process based implementation of Data protection Solution within the organization which includes Data Classification, Data Flow Analysis, Data Leakage Risk Assessment, Creation of Policies, Fine-Tuning and modification of Policies and Implementation of applicable Risk Management Platform.

Services we offer:

  • Data Flow Analysis (DFA)
  • Data Leakage Risk Assessment (DLRA)
  • Strategy and Design of DLP
  • Data Leakage Prevention Tool and Solution Implementation
  • Risk Management Implementation
  • Sustenance and Monitoring of Leakage
  • Audit of Running Implementation
Data Protection
Data Protection

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