Security Audit

Security Audit & Risk Assessment Services

  • Security Audit & Risk Assessment Services
  • Do you know who accessed your corporate data over the last 24 hours?
  • Do you know who accessed your corporate data over the last 24 hours?
  • Do you know if your Firewall rules are effective?

Zensly offers a full security audit service, ranging from checking the security on a single server, to a full test of large corporations IT infrastructure, and the policies and procedures underpinning it.

An audit can ensure the companies IT systems adhere to the companies operating procedures, the requirements for security, and the companies’ duty of care over the data it holds. Audits are undertaken in line with industry best practices, and reports can be generated to determine compliance with ISO17799 (BS7799), or any part thereof.

Our internal audit service normally includes:

  • Assessment of risks.
  • Compiling, agreeing and using a cyclical risk-based internal audit work plan.
  • IT audit included, where risk levels require.
  • Ad hoc assignments might include fraud investigation, verification work, Sarbanes-Oxley, due diligence, investigations, special projects, value for money studies.
  • Peer reviews / benchmarking against other similar organizations.
  • Transfer of broader Corporate Governance know-how, for example how to set up an audit and risk committee.

Zensly carries out internal audit and compliance across many sectors in India. We work for commercial companies, charities, friendly societies, housing associations other mutual entities and public sector organizations including central and local government.

To understand your requirements fully please contact us for a friendly introduction.

Security Audit


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