BlackBerry Applications Development

Blackberry is a rich platform that has various features like multi-tasking, multi-touch interface, wireless information services and much more. This is one of the best platform that supports customization. Blackberry platform is most preferred for business apps as well as for other applications that simplify any task.

With a lot of businesses preferring BlackBerry for enterprise communication, Zensly has developed a handful of enterprise mobile applications on the BlackBerry OS. Combined with the ability of BlackBerry devices to access corporate email, messaging and calendar information, BlackBerry applications built by Zensly enables secure access to enterprise servers for two way data exchange. Zensly has a dedicated team of engineers working on the BlackBerry platform (BlackBerry mobiles as well as BlackBerry PlayBook)

Technology Competence

  • RIM Java API for Custom user-interface
  • BlackBerry Maps
  • BlackBerry Push Services
  • Wireless networking
  • Programming Tools: BlackBerry JDE, Eclipse, Netbeans

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