IPhone App Development

App development in iPhone has enhanced advantage over other mobile platforms. The iPhone applications exhibit smooth and intuitive user interface with consistent user experience which can impress the end user. Since every application has to be approved by Apple standards, security threats are avoided which makes the iPhone app safe.

Zensly has a highly skilled and experienced team of resources for evelopment, testing and deployment of iOS applications for iPhone, iPad/ iPad Mini and iPod devices. Over the course of past five years, Zensly has successfully developed and delivered more than fifty iOS applications which are being used by a wide range of customers from enterprise users to end consumers. Enterprise mobile applications developed by Zensly are being used by some of industry leading corporations, whereas consumer mobile applications has topped the charts in iTunes App Store for positive ratings and number of downloads.

Technology Competence

  • Objective C, C++
  • iOS 5/ 6 SDK
  • CoreGraphics API and OpenGL ES
  • SQLite database
  • Cocoa Touch Development
  • Programming Tools: XCode, Interface Builder

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