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Internet is the main resource to work with in any organization. People related to any department within the organization are used to perform most of their activities using Internet. No doubt in the statement when we say that the Internet is best friend of everyone using a computer system. At the same time there are so many users using internet with malicious intent (Hackers/Worm/ Viruses). People working within the organization are not so user friendly or trained enough to identify these malicious users which may lead to information leakage as well as virus/worm attack to the organization. To protect the organization from these malicious users/activities it is required to implement a Web/ Internet security solution within the organization landscape.

Apart from security measures when it comes to the user productivity, again the web security solution comes in picture as nowadays most the user are very active on social networks, blogs and used to browse several website categories like Job portals, news, games etc. Using this solution any management can restrict employees to visit websites which is not concerned to their job roles.

Why Zensly for Web/ Internet Security

Zensly has a very strong technical background, with a vast pool of skilled manpower having specialization in all the domains they are dealing with.

In Zensly, we use to work on a process based implementation of Web Security Solution within the organization which includes Requirement Analysis, Web Security Tool Implementation, Creation of Policies, Fine-Tuning and modification of Policies, Periodic Dashboards and reports to the top management. If you already have a web security solution implemented in your organization you can reach us for an Audit of your running solution as well.

  • Requirement Analysis for Policy Creation
  • Policy suggestion as per organization Requirement
  • Strategy and Design to identify the suitable tool
  • Web Security Tool and Solution Implementation
  • Sustenance and Monitoring of Web Security Solution
  • Audit of Running Implementation
  • Periodic Reports/Dashboard to Top Management
Web Security
Web/ Internet Security

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